Fzf is simple file manager for unix terminal with powerfull search function.


apt install fzf
# or
brew install fzf
$(brew --prefix)/opt/fzf/install


Find .torrent file

find ~/ -type f -name "*.torrent" | fzf


Combined it with webtorrent, you had fast & simple movie center for me.

fzf | xargs webtorrent
# or
webtorrent "$(fzf)" --vlc

Use fzf & xargs for download folder

# ./list.sh
echo "Livre I" 
echo "Livre II" 
echo "Livre III" 
echo "Livre IV" 
echo "Livre V" 
echo "Livre VI" 
./list.sh | fzf | xargs -I {} scp -r pi@raspberrypi:"'/mnt/disk1/Movies/Kaamelott/{}'" /Users/slote/Desktop/Kaamelott

More method

If you learn by watching videos, check out this screencast by @samoshkin to explore fzf features.


usage: fzf [options]

    -x, --extended        Extended-search mode
                          (enabled by default; +x or --no-extended to disable)
    -e, --exact           Enable Exact-match
    --algo=TYPE           Fuzzy matching algorithm: [v1|v2] (default: v2)
    -i                    Case-insensitive match (default: smart-case match)
    +i                    Case-sensitive match
    --literal             Do not normalize latin script letters before matching
    -n, --nth=N[,..]      Comma-separated list of field index expressions
                          for limiting search scope. Each can be a non-zero
                          integer or a range expression ([BEGIN]..[END]).
    --with-nth=N[,..]     Transform the presentation of each line using
                          field index expressions
    -d, --delimiter=STR   Field delimiter regex (default: AWK-style)
    +s, --no-sort         Do not sort the result
    --tac                 Reverse the order of the input
    --tiebreak=CRI[,..]   Comma-separated list of sort criteria to apply
                          when the scores are tied [length|begin|end|index]
                          (default: length)

    -m, --multi           Enable multi-select with tab/shift-tab
    --no-mouse            Disable mouse
    --bind=KEYBINDS       Custom key bindings. Refer to the man page.
    --cycle               Enable cyclic scroll
    --no-hscroll          Disable horizontal scroll
    --hscroll-off=COL     Number of screen columns to keep to the right of the
                          highlighted substring (default: 10)
    --filepath-word       Make word-wise movements respect path separators
    --jump-labels=CHARS   Label characters for jump and jump-accept

    --height=HEIGHT[%]    Display fzf window below the cursor with the given
                          height instead of using fullscreen
    --min-height=HEIGHT   Minimum height when --height is given in percent
                          (default: 10)
    --layout=LAYOUT       Choose layout: [default|reverse|reverse-list]
    --border              Draw border above and below the finder
    --margin=MARGIN       Screen margin (TRBL / TB,RL / T,RL,B / T,R,B,L)
    --inline-info         Display finder info inline with the query
    --prompt=STR          Input prompt (default: '> ')
    --header=STR          String to print as header
    --header-lines=N      The first N lines of the input are treated as header

    --ansi                Enable processing of ANSI color codes
    --tabstop=SPACES      Number of spaces for a tab character (default: 8)
    --color=COLSPEC       Base scheme (dark|light|16|bw) and/or custom colors
    --no-bold             Do not use bold text

    --history=FILE        History file
    --history-size=N      Maximum number of history entries (default: 1000)

    --preview=COMMAND     Command to preview highlighted line ({})
    --preview-window=OPT  Preview window layout (default: right:50%)

    -q, --query=STR       Start the finder with the given query
    -1, --select-1        Automatically select the only match
    -0, --exit-0          Exit immediately when there's no match
    -f, --filter=STR      Filter mode. Do not start interactive finder.
    --print-query         Print query as the first line
    --expect=KEYS         Comma-separated list of keys to complete fzf
    --read0               Read input delimited by ASCII NUL characters
    --print0              Print output delimited by ASCII NUL characters
    --sync                Synchronous search for multi-staged filtering
    --version             Display version information and exit

  Environment variables
    FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND   Default command to use when input is tty
    FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS      Default options
                          (e.g. '--layout=reverse --inline-info')


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